Backtracs Internship Description


Description:  specializes in keeping the careers of deceased artists alive.   An internship  at Backtracs is an applied academic experience conducted under employer supervision.  Our internships provide students with the opportunity to build upon, apply, and thoroughly access the concepts developed through their specified curriculum and to further professional growth through a “real-world” job experience.


Summary:  is a company that prepares individuals to apply artistic and computer techniques to the interpretation of basic, technical, and online commercial concepts.  An internship includes computer-assisted art and design, concept sketching, technical imaging, multimedia applications, and commercial art business operations.




·         Conference with the website coordinator and director of twice, once during their entrance interview and lastly for an exit interview in which they will be evaluated on their performance.


·          Conference with an activities coordinator at least twice a week. 




Work Schedule:  Interns will work 10-25 hours a week for a minimum of 8 weeks.  Every intern works through all of the activities for a 2 week rotation period.  After the 2 week rotation period through each activity, then you will be assigned the remainder of the internship to one specific area. You will select one activity in which you excel.  This activity should be the one that you believe you will have the greatest impact with and interests you most.


Qualifications and Requirements:


·         Strong written, verbal, and communication skills.


·         Cell phone for communication and access to the internet.


·         Interest in Graphic Design or Multimedia or Research/Journalism.


·         Interest in Public Relations/Advertising/Marketing. 


Job Type:  (TBD)


Salary: Internships typically last one semester (for students).   After completing a semester of interning, any internship compensation will be established by the employer.   Initially unpaid internships are the only available positions.  The employer and the intern will mutually agree upon a reasonable work schedule.


Required education:  Need to be enrolled in a secondary school .


How to Apply:  Send resume or statement of interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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